Dear Islamic brothers! Life in this world is full of tragedies and sufferings. Each and every human being has to go through many tests and trials for one reason or other. Some trials are so heavy that many people lose their mind and go mad. As Islam is a complete code of life and guides us in each and every sphere of life it guides us at the time of adversity as well.

Islam says if one observes patience and does not show impatience, it will definitely bring the pleasure of Allah (ﷻ) along with many everlasting rewards. Let’s read the rewards and favors mentioned in the holy Quran and the blessed ahadith in this regard.

Dear Islamic brothers! Being a muslim as we are demanded to make patience (sabar) in the times of difficulty as the same way we have to be pleased with decree of Allah (ﷻ) as well. Wise people have said when a calamity comes exercise patience so that you may earn the rewards in the hereafter. If you show impatience and complain unnecessarily you will not be able to remove the calamity but you will surely be deprived of the rewards in the hereafter. The holy prophet (ﷺ) has said:

“He who is not pleased with his sustenance and spreads the news of his ailment and does not observe patience, none of his actions will be raised to the courts of Allah (ﷻ) and he will see Allah (ﷻ) while He (ﷻ) is displeased with him.”

At the end, there is a glad tiding for those muslims who are poor and unable to fulfill their desires. Nevertheless they are pleased with the divine scheme and always exercise patience.

Imam Qushairi discussing the matter of sabar in his treatise on tasawwuf risala qushairiya mentions, “the patient poor will be in the company of Allah (ﷻ) on the day of judgement

May Allah (ﷻ) grant us the true understanding of Islamic teachings and give us tofeeq to remain steadfast on iman at the time of calamity. May we always turn to him in difficult times. Ameen.